jetBlue - Fly It Forward

A social media project where a free ticket is passed from one passenger to the next so people can follow their dreams and make the world a better place. The "first stories" video had over a million YouTube views in its first two weeks online. Co-creative director Dylan Bernd. Art Directors: Dan Madsen, Scott Petrichko. Writers: Nick Olish, Ben Salsky. Plus many, many other people (this one was pretty ambitious).  2105 Cannes Cyber Lion Shortlist

Century 21 - Breaking Bad
Preceding the finale of Breaking Bad, Century 21 made a faux listing putting Walter White's fictional Albuquerque home up for sale. The effort was covered by GQ, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, and ended up being named one of the "Top Ten Innovative Ideas of 2013" by Creativity. One Show Interactive (Gold). One Show Branded Entertainment (Silver). Andy Awards (Gold). Webby Winner (People's Choice and Native Advertising). Cannes Cyber Lions (Shortlist). CW: Larry Fahey. AD: Tom Francesconi.

Major League Baseball - The Fan Cave
Performance art. Social media experiment. Tourist attraction. We found a guy willing to watch every single game of the 2011 season - over 2,400 games - while sitting on display in a tricked-out storefront in New York City. The project ran for 5 years and amassed over 2MM social followers. 2012 One Show Interactive. Bronze Cannes Lion. Communication Arts. Webby Finalist. 

Newsweek - MadMen Issue 
For Newsweek’s special double-issue celebrating the return of Mad Men, the magazine reverted to its look from the 1960’s Madmen era. We had the issue’s advertisers submit specially-designed retro layouts, as if the advertising was done by Don Draper himself. 2013 Cannes shortlist. Communication Arts. One Show (silver) and One Show Entertainment (silver). 
Dunkin' Donuts - America Runs On Dunkin' 
This was the TV for the launch of our "America Runs On Dunkin'" campaign. The "everyday anthems" were performed by one of my former CD-partner Tim Foley's favorite bands. (I can't name them here for legal reasons...but it's very Googlable.) ADs: Tim Foley, Kevin Daley, Mike Shaughnessy/CWs: Me, Rick McHugh/DIRs: Jake Scott, Joe Public, Baker Smith

Dunkin' Donuts - Campaign Elements
Print, transit, newspaper, outdoor, and even a drive-thru asphalt franchisee stencil were all part of the "America Runs On Dunkin" campaign launch. (CW: Me, George Koukkos, Scott Noble, Joe Berkeley, Lindsey Bowen/AD: Tim Foley, Dave Gardiner, Bob Pirrmann)

Indeed - "How The World Works" is the world's #1 job site. So where did we find the talent to make their first-ever commercial? On Indeed, of course. The campaign was launched in the UK and extended into coffee sleeves, newspaper, and transit. Paul Foulkes was my Creative Director partner. CWs: EB Davis, Jamie Rome. Art Direction/Design: Brooke Doner, Mike Molinaro, Ryan Montgomery. Retoucher/Digital Imaging: Andy Jones

jetBlue - "You Above All" Transit and Outdoor
CWs: Allison Rude, Lane Petrauskas/ADs: Allison Rude, Jay Spahr. Co-CD Dylan Bernd

Toys R' Us - Time For Childhood
Launch of our "Time For Childhood" positioning. Kevin Daley was my partner on these, Craig Gillespie of MJZ directed. 2010 Cannes Shortlist. 

The Partnership - Mind Your Meds 
Effort focusing on prescription drug abuse, which kills more people than heroin and cocaine combined. Beyond TV, we produced 30,000 prescription bags which were distributed in pharmacies nationwide. I was CW/CD. My partner was Kevin Daley. Director/VO, Eric Stoltz. Producer Alex Vainstein. 2104 Cannes Lions (Gold/Health)

Century 21 - Tryptophan Slow Jam
You never feel more comfortable at home than when you're passing out on the couch after a big Thanksgiving Dinner. This trippy animated video was picked up by, Uproxx, Fast Company, ClickZ, StashMedia, Uproxx and other pop culture outlets, earning mid-six-figure views over Thanksgiving weekend. I wrote the song and directed the film. Ana Benaroya was the illustrator. Jaime Klein, animator.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care - Count Us In
For almost a decade, Harvard Pilgrim has ranked #1 in customer service. If you're sick, you're not alone. Thus, "Count Us In." Bob Gates and I were CDs. I wrote everything. Bob was AD on most, with print help from Wes Dorsanvil. Kevin Daley designed the campaign look and was AD on the transit posters. 2013 Clio Healthcare (Gold).

Beyond TV, the effort also included this subway installation...

Transit posters...

Consecutive/Fractional Print...
A collaboration with Pandora Internet radio...

Great Wolf Lodge - Everybody In
TV, print, and social posts for a nationwide chain of family waterpark resorts. Co-CD Mike Shaughnessy. Art Directors: Bob Gates. Mike Shaughnessy. Writers: Rick McHugh, me.

Major League Baseball - Brian Wilson's Beard
Brian Wilson threw the last pitch of the 2010 World Series for the champion SF Giants. He's also a wildman with one heck of a beard. A campaign of teaser spots and banners led folks to a full-on digital tour of Brian's burly scruff. 2012 One Show Interactive. AD: Bob Gates. CW: Rick McHugh. 

jetBlue - Legroom 
This (unpromoted) post for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was picked up by the Huffington PostTime, and The Today Show. CW: Ben Ashauer. AD: Lauren Geisler. Co-CD Dylan Bernd.

Miller Lite - Epidemic
This was part of the launch of the Miller "Good Call" effort at Y&R/Chicago. Jon Wyville and Dave Loew were the GCDs, Traktor directed and Mollie Wilkie was the AD. 2006 Cannes Shortlist. 

Century 21 - Slightly Haunted
C21 Realtors know how to sell a house. Particularly around Halloween. I was CD/CW and directed the films. Liz Agans, AD.

From Nothing, Something
This is the trailer for a documentary feature film I produced and directed about creativity. After playing festivals and design events around the world, it was released on iTunes in 14 countries in early 2015.
Liberty Mutual - Product Campaign
AD: Kevin Daley. 2008 Communication Arts, One Show Silver (single) & Bronze (campaign).

Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving
Campaign for the Department of Transportation, created via the Ad Council. Michael Ancevic was my CD/partner and AD. Phil Morrison and Matt Smukler of Epoch directed. 

Dunkin' Donuts - Breakfast, Not Brokefast
Guerrilla and TV spots for for Dunkin's new 99 cent Add-On Menu. The Guerrilla stuff happened on a pretty grand scale in Boston, New York and Chicago. (The busker idea got picked up on page 3 of the New York Post.) CWs: Scott Noble, Rick McHugh, Jeff Baxter, Mark Nardi, Me/AD: Kevin Daley, Mike Shaughnessy, Bob Gates, Megan O'Connell. 

The TV was shot by Furlined's The Perlorian Brothers.  
Department of Defense - "Conversation" Campaign
As if it wasn't intimidating enough to be working on an effort for the US Military, we actually presented the campaign in the Pentagon in the conference room next to Rumsfeld's office. One of the people on our team took a cel phone pic of Rumsfeld's office nameplate and was promptly led away and detained for questioning. Whoops. A 2006 Kelly Award Finalist. (AD Mike Shaughnessy)

Dunkin' Donuts "Ace" & "Naomi"
A campaign we did with director Zach Braff of Garden State fame. Soon after the campaign launched, both of these spots were in the top 10 of all videos viewed on YouTube. Kevin Daley was the AD. 

More TV
Here are several spots that don't necessarily fit into other campaigns, but I'm happy to share. I wrote them all. Art directors: Kevin Daley, Randy Tatum, Jon Wyville, Michael Ancevic, and Bob Gates. 

Saturday Night Live
You never know when a career highlight might happen. Like in this instance, when I was at home, half asleep on the couch.